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The First Steps To Preparing Your Fitness Facility For Reopening

After the long shutdown, you’re no doubt looking forward to the day your health club reopens. There are plenty of steps to take now, to ensure that you’re ready when your doors open again soon.

Prepare Your Equipment

After being unused for a substantial period of time, you need to be sure that your fitness equipment is ready for the return of exercisers. Follow a simple checklist to make sure that everything is working properly when you reopen.

  • Inspect equipment to ensure it is free of moisture, dust or debris
  • Inspect plugs and power cords to ensure they are undamaged
  • Turn on all powered units, one by one
  • Turn on all non-powered units by pedaling
  • Check all functionality of equipment (speed, incline, heart-rate monitoring, etc.)
  • Ensure that TV and internet cables are properly connected
  • Make sure equipment is running smoothly and is stable
  • Look for damage or wear (especially with strength equipment cables)
  • Update console software (if applicable)
  • Apply Break-free CLP or 3-in-1 oil to guide rods, cables and belts with a clean, dry cloth (strength equipment only)
  • Clean all equipment properly

A Thorough Cleaning


Follow the latest local, state or federal government guidelines to help ensure that you’re providing a safe and healthy environment for your members. Life Fitness recommends specific cleaners for use on cardio and strength equipment.

PureGreen24: Apply the spray to a microfiber cloth and wipe down equipment. Use on equipment for at least two minutes for general disinfection or 10 minutes for fungus and viral control.

2XL GymWipes24: Use on equipment for at least two minutes for general disinfection purposes.

Mild Soap and Water: Use a soft microfiber cloth only. Apply soap and water to the cloth before cleaning.

When cleaning Life Fitness equipment DO NOT:

  • Use ammonia or acid-based cleaners
  • Use abrasive cleaners
  • Use paper towels
  • Use bleach on the surfaces of equipment
  • Apply cleaners directly to the equipment surface
  • Use cleaning concentrate that hasn’t been diluted

Your exercisers will be thrilled to be back in the gym once you reopen. Be ready for them, and make sure that their experience upon returning is a great one.


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