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Fit Tips: Four Tips For A Healthy Holiday Season

The holidays are here. Grandma made a beautiful pie and you figure that an extra helping of mashed potatoes couldn’t hurt, right? Wrong. Extending holiday cheer doesn’t have to come with an extended waistline. Consider the follow tips for surviving the season with your health goals intact.

Drink More Water

Oftentimes, the feeling of hunger is really just thirst in disguise. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water before and during meals can help satiate cravings and avoid temptations.

Focus on the Veggies

Many of us don’t eat enough vegetables anyway, so take this opportunity to fill up on these healthier options first. The fiber in fruits and vegetables can help you feel fuller longer, so you may find you have less room to overindulge in sweets and fattier options. So, don't be bashful with the veggie tray (just try to avoid slathering carrots and celery in ranch dressing).

Limit Alcohol Intake

‘Tis the season for merry cheer, but alcoholic beverage tend to have extra calories that you may not have factored into your diet. Making matters worse is that holiday favorites such as eggnog are among the top offenders. Moderation is key. Make a point to drink a full glass of water between alcoholic drinks. It will slow you down, fill you up, and help keep you hydrated.

Stay Active

Exercise is critical during this time of the year. Staying active helps you burn some of those extra holiday calories and manage your stress. Remember, doing something is ALWAYS better than doing nothing. With shopping, parties and a list of holiday to-dos, it can be hard to find the time, but every little bit of physical activity counts. Try to take short walks with the family, or if you're really ambitious, sign up for a holiday 5K run or walk to burn calories.

Enjoy the holidays, and have a happy, healthy New Year!

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