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How To Build A Home Gym In A Living Room

When space is tight, home fitness equipment can end up in the living room. While this doesn’t give you a dedicated space to train, it can be all you need to keep your workout routine intact and top of mind. Here are a few things to keep in mind while creating a fitness space in your living room.


  • A living room may be full of entertainment options like TV and music, which can take your mind off of your workouts.
  • Easy access to your fitness equipment makes it easier to get workouts in.

Equipment Ideas

Added Considerations

  • Consider the aesthetics of the equipment. Cardio equipment like an IC5 indoor cycle or Row HX trainer have design elements that you might not mind showing off.
  • If noise is an issue, consider cardio equipment like cross-trainers that have nearly silent operation.

Cardio Equipment Electrical Requirements

Life Fitness equipment must be properly installed and grounded. Do not use an extension cord or power strip.

  • 15A CIRCUIT: Life Fitness consumer treadmills should be powered off a 120V 15Amp outlet. No more than one treadmill should be installed on each circuit. One non-tread cardio machine may be hooked up to the circuit. Best performance comes with a dedicated breaker and circuit for all treads.
  • 20A CIRCUIT: One treadmill and up to two non-tread cardio machines can be plugged into outlets served by the same 20A circuit. Lamps or other non-motorized electrical devices up to a total 200 Watts can be plugged into outlets served by the same 20A circuit together with the treadmill.

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