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Inspired By The Masters? Work On These Swing Exercises Before Golf Season

The Masters takes place this weekend at Augusta National. For the best golfers in the world, it’s a chance to win a coveted green jacket. For the everyday player, high handicapper, and scratch golfer it’s a great time to be inspired for the upcoming golf season.

You can start working on your golf swing before you hit the driving range or the golf course. We teamed up with our partners at Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) to highlight a few moves you can do in the gym to get ready for the greens.

TPI, based in Oceanside California, provides a holistic approach and innovative technologies to help golfers improve their performance by utilizing advanced equipment fitting methods, detailed swing analysis, and science-based player conditioning. TPI seeks to educate golf industry professionals and the playing public on the importance of the body and how it relates to the golf swing.

A great place to start is the backswing. Check out this valuable instruction from Lance Gill, a lead instructor at TPI and the owner of LG Performance in Oceanside. Start here and you’ll be more than ready for the first tee.

Exercise 1: Removing lateral hip sway and stabilizing the right hip

Exercise 2: Fixing a flat shoulder plane 

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