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Tips For Staying Active During The Overindulgence Of Thanksgiving

You might feel like you gain weight just thinking about the holidays. But don’t worry, you can still enjoy the turkey and stuffing of Thanksgiving...just be sure to be active. Here’s how to enjoy the occasion without losing focus on your exercise. 

Step it up. Grab the whole family early (before the football games start) and go for a family walk or hike. Depending on where you live, you could enjoy the late fall weather or walk faster to warm up in the crisp winter temps. If there are trails nearby, set out for a long-distance hike. If you are away from home, go exploring on foot and enjoy the change of scenery as you get the miles under your feet. If early in the day doesn’t work, then do the fitness walk post feast. 

Hit the health club. Just think of how amazing you'll feel when you're at the gym doing a special holiday fitness class first thing Thanksgiving morning. When you do things most people don’t do, it provides a jolt of confidence because you are staying focused on your fitness at a time when others aren’t.  Pull away from the sedentary holiday crowd and choose to be different by walking into your health club this Thanksgiving. A big plus is that the gym won't likely be crowded.    

Lace up the running shoes. Can you say Turkey Trot? Thanksgiving is a big day for organized runs. No matter what the distance, challenge yourself and sign up for one of them. Mix fitness, friends, family and walk, jog or run. In many cases, the proceeds of the event go to local charities to feed others on this day of thanks. 

Don’t just watch football.  Play it. Get out there in that brisk football weather and toss around the pigskin. Substitute with shooting hoops if the weather cooperates and you prefer basketball. 

Remember your fitness routine. Sometimes we're so busy during a holiday weekend—cooking, entertaining family, etc.—that we fall out of our exercise routine for a few days. Don't let that happen. Make sure that the Friday after Thanksgiving is a workout day. You may look forward to the alone time after a big day surrounded by friends and family. 

You can enjoy Thanksgiving and even a few food indulgences. That’s really what the holiday is about. Just don’t forget to get active to balance it out.

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