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What Exercisers Are Concerned About When It Comes To Fitness Facility Reopening

The COVID-19 outbreak has clearly had a tremendous impact on the fitness industry. We wanted to gain insights into what exercisers are thinking about going back to the gym and how it will affect their workout routines so we put together the Life Fitness COVID-19 Exerciser Survey. We also co-sponsored a study by ClubIntel that examines what members say fitness facilities need to understand if they want them back.

Life Fitness COVID-19 Exerciser Survey

The participants in the survey had to meet a range of criteria. They had to exercise at least twice a week and they had to use cardio and strength equipment at least 26% of the time. Respondents were from across the United States. 

More details about participants:

  • 60% were between the ages of 25 and 44
  • 66% exercise at least four times a week
  • 85% work out at health clubs and 68% work out at home
  • 43% use cardio machines, 31% use strength equipment and 21% use fitness accessories

We found cause for optimism in many of the responses, highlighted by the fact that 69% of participants said they'll feel comfortable returning to a fitness facility within three months of reopening.

Take a look at the other results on the right to get an idea of what fitness facilities need to do to provide peace of mind during reopening.

ClubIntel Report

More than 2,000 respondents in the United States provided insights in mid-May and the results were strikingly similar to the Life Fitness COVID-19 Exerciser Survey. Check out some of the highlights or click to download the full survey:

  • 65% of members reported that they are very likely/fairly likely to return to their former facility upon reopening. 19% are undecided, and 16% are unlikely/very unlikely to return.
  • 34% of members plan to return during the first week after opening, 34% indicate they will return between one week and one month, and the balance report they will return anywhere from one month to more than three months after gyms reopen.
  • Members of Gen Z and Gen Y (Millennials) are less likely to return to their existing facility when gyms reopen. On average, only 60% of those under the age of 40 indicate they are very likely/fairly likely to return to their facility at opening, while 74% of those over the age of 56 indicate the same.
  • Men are significantly more likely than women to return once their facility reopens. Men are also more likely than women to return the first week their health/fitness facility reopens.
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