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Why You Should Add Kettlebells To Your Home Workouts

Health clubs and gyms around the country are closed for the time being. Don't let your exercise routine suffer. There's plenty you can do in the comfort of home. Free, on-demand Digital Coach workouts are one way to stay active. If you happen to have kettlebells at home, use them while doing the workouts below. If not, Life Fitness has several weights available.

Change up your strength training routine and try out a kettlebell. Kettlebells are ancient Russian exercise tools that allow for ballistic movements and swinging motions you can’t do with traditional weights. Not only are the moves functional, but the dynamic nature of the swinging motion increases your heart rate and burns some serious calories. 

Many trainers will tell you that no single other tool can do it better. Kettlebells can replace barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and even some cardio equipment. Choose the proper weight of kettlebell that allows you to complete eight to ten repetitions per exercise.  

Know the benefits

  • The kettlebell helps to develop power in the hip thrust, the source of power for most athletics. Whether you jump, kick, throw or swing for your sport, the power comes from the hips.
  • The kettlebell helps stabilize and strengthen your back. Some of the traditional Russian exercises condition your back from every possible angle. You can work on strength, flexibility and stability.
  • Because the center of gravity is offset from the bell due to the handle, you can work shoulder strength, flexibility, and mobility.
  • The handle and swinging motions also make the kettlebell popular for strengthening the wrist and forearm.
  • Kettlebells can be used for upper body, lower body and core workouts.

Kettlebells are easy to find and extremely easy to learn how to use. They are also a nice addition to a home exercise routine because they don't take up much space and are extremely versatile. Check out our instructional videos for several different kettlebell exercise, or watch the two below to get started. You can create an effective total-body workout with these excellent fitness accessories.

Squat Press Combo

 Front Squat


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