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3 Secrets for Increasing Calorie Burn During the Week

When you've resolved to sign up for a new gym membership, work out several days a week and make more nutritious food choices in your diet, it can be disheartening to realize how slow of a process losing weight can be. Even if you manage to stick to a regular routine, healthy and effective weight management and fitness training can take several months before you start to see noticeable results.

While this is hardly a reason to quit, you may be looking for additional tips on how to increase calorie burn while you're using cardio or resistance training equipment at your health club. Here is some basic advice on how you can kick start your exercise plan for maximum results.

Beware of calorie burn myths
Of course, you want to make sure any tips you follow in order to burn more calories are safe, as there are some trends that are downright dangerous, especially for workout beginners. Make sure to watch out for these workout myths in order to keep yourself healthy and maintain a manageable fitness plan.

"[Do not] wear a rubber suit or jacket to burn more calories," says fitness expert and registered dietician Pat Baird, who works in Greenwich, Conn. "These items are dangerous - period."

Doing this can rob your body of its water reserves, leaving you dehydrated and prone to overheating as you run or cycle. Baird advises patients to make hydration a priority as they exercise, as this can help them stay cool while also promoting greater calorie burn through improved metabolic rates.

Supplement your workout with simple exercises
Working up a sweat at the gym a few times a week is a great way to stay healthy, but fitness doesn't need to end once you walk out the health club's front door. In fact, staying active throughout the day can be simple and easy to manage, allowing you to increase your total number of calories burned during the week.

Walking is by far the easiest. Get a pedometer and shoot for 10,000 steps per day. Don't be discouraged if you come up with 2,000; just shoot for 2,500 the next day and gradually build up," notes Baird. "Those old tips about taking the stairs, parking further away at stores, etc. become much more meaningful when you wear a pedometer."

Shape also recommends adding 10 minutes of activity to your routine every morning, such as going for a walk or dancing to music on the radio. Doing this can increase total calorie burn by up to 275 calories weekly, while also serving as a great warm-up for the gym.

Try high intensity interval training
Instead of spending a half hour jogging at a steady pace on the treadmill, SheKnows suggests giving interval training a try. This form of cardio switches between short periods of high intensity exercise with longer periods of low activity for physical recovery. For instance, you might run for a minute and then walk for two minutes on and off during your workout, rather than sticking to a single speed. This allows you to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time without feeling exhausted.

As you progress, you can upgrade how long your high intensity and low intensity intervals last as well as the rate of your movement. Instead of jogging and then walking, you can switch to alternating running and jogging.

"[You can] increase the intensity and/or the duration to give your current workout a boost," concurs Baird. He also notes that working in some resistance training with weights can improve your body's ability to transform fat into muscle, burning extra calories.