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3 Things Fit People Do to Stay Fit

Fit people, you know, those people that never seem to struggle to stay in shape? They’re the ones that work out with a smile on their face, eat whatever they want and always maintain a steady weight and look great. 

We chalk it up to them having really good genes.  

Yes, I’m sure they have good genes but there’s more to it than that. Genetics are just an opportunity.  These people have developed a set of habits over the years that allow them to live healthier lives.

So, what do they do differently?

  1. They actually enjoy exercise.
    If you dread your workouts - before, during and after- it’s time for a new approach to exercise. Find an activity that feels good, and begs you to come back. One that challenges you (appropriately) and provides endless opportunities for improvement. Fit people look forward to and enjoy their workouts because they value being healthy and active more than their desire to be lazy. What do you value?
  2. They don’t diet.
    Fit people never go on diets. They have a healthy relationship with food. They’ve learned how to listen to their body and pay attention not only to what tastes good, but also feels good. They use food to keep themselves energized throughout the day.
  3. They make sleep a priority.
    Fit people know that a healthy body and sound mind requires an adequate amount of quality sleep. Sleep helps to regulate metabolism, repair muscles, and rejuvenate the mind. Sleep gives fit people the energy to exercise consistently and make choices that are conducive to good health.

Fitness requires a commitment to making choices that support your body in being healthy and strong. No one is perfect in balancing all aspects of life, but perfection isn’t the goal - progress is.

Being fit simply requires you to be compassionate with yourself. If your body is tired and sore than listen to it. It may be asking for a day(s) off. If you eat something that doesn’t make you feel good - acknowledge it, re-commit to healthier eating next time and move on. Give yourself permission to enjoy moving, eating and exploring what life has to offer. Watch how doing just these three things changes all other aspects of your life for the better.

A special thank you to Jeannie Landis of Simply Rediscovered for sharing this blog with us.

About Jeannie:
Designing a life that allows Jeannie to be the best version of herself has empowered her to help others do the same. With a learner's mindset she explores, experiments, and makes connections everywhere she goes. She believes that investments made in our body and mind provide the greatest enjoyment and reap the best rewards. Jeannie partners with people that are ready to explore possibilities and embrace change. Together, she and her clients design lives that allow them to play more and feel unstoppable in achieving what matters most to them. So what do you want more of in your life?

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