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3 Ways to Reach Your Fitness Studios' Target Audience and Bring in Killer Leads

We are thrilled to introduce one of our newest contributors to the Cybex blog, Mike Arce. Mike is the CEO and Founder of Loud Rumor, an online marketing company that helps local businesses grow and get more customers. Through services such as Facebook advertising, he's found a niche in the fitness industry that gets boutique studios an average of 200 unique leads per month. Today, he provides three ways to bring in some of those leads.

Be A Giver

Create an awesome promotion that people can’t help but opt in to. Signing up to join a new fitness studio can be a big commitment for people, both in terms of time and money. It’s much easier for them to say, “Sure, I’ll do a free month,” or “Three yoga classes for the price of one sounds good to me,” then to blind-buy a membership without setting foot in your studio. If you want to turn your leads into members, you’ll want to get them to walk through your door. Here are the top 4 studio offers and promotions for superb fitness marketing.

Hit All Your Targets

Facebook logs in over a billion active users a MONTH. You can’t afford to not take advantage of a potential audience that huge. But Facebook isn’t just a marketing essential because of its size and reach; the social network offers some very useful tools that can help you focus and refine your marketing.

You can use Facebook’s audience settings to promote special offers and reach your target audience. If you have a mailing list, you can import it into Facebook to create a custom audience. The people on your mailing list have already shown an interest in your business, so their conversion rate will be higher.

You can also reach out to lookalike audiences. This is where Facebook targets people who have similar interests and demographics as those already on your mailing list. Your current customers make up your ideal audience, so you’ll want to appeal to people who are like them.

Follow Through

You put out a special offer, you reached out to your target audience and the leads are coming in. The next step is to sort those leads and contact them. Get a customer relationship management system like Infusionsoft or MailChimp. The CRM can capture a lead’s first name, last name and email.

Most CRMs give you the ability to sort that lead information into different categories. You can create mailing lists based entirely around on the leads who sign up for a specific offer, so you’ll be able to target those same leads again with a similar offer in the future. You can also use your CRM to send out multiple mailing list updates simultaneously to different groups.

CRMs can get very specific. You can tag certain leads as being “warm” or “cold.” You can also track your contact history with that lead. You’ll be able to know when you contacted them, how long you engaged with them and you can even leave notes in their file, so you can remember important details about your interactions with them.

There are other tools you can use to maximize your efficiency. Get a task managing app like Asana, Trello or Evernote. Set yourself daily reminders to call and follow through with these leads. Using a system like Asana can be really handy if you have to manage multiple appointments and call-backs.

If you use these three ways to reach out, you’ll bring in new members in no time.

Free Workouts For Your Members

When all your attention is focused on attracting new leads for your facility and ensuring current members are happy, it can be hard to set aside the time to create new workouts. Keep your members challenged and engaged with free workouts from the Cybex Workout Center, organized around four different goals.

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