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5 Marketing Tips for Gym Owners: Tip #1 - Inbound Marketing

Tip 1 of 5 - Do More "Inbound" Marketing

For all of you gym owners out there - we know what a difficult job you have. You wear many hats - managing finances, training members, motivating and helping your staff, taking out the trash. For many of you, marketing falls into your job description. While some enjoy this part of the business, others find it daunting.

Here are some easy to follow tips and content ideas that will help you market your fitness facility effectively with digital marketing.

Tip #1: Do More "Inbound" Marketing

What this means

Inbound marketing is the practice of creating meaningful content to share with your readers to get them excited about your brand and your offer, usually without asking them to buy anything right away.

Why this is important

Take a look at the marketing that you do and the messages you put out into the world.

  • Are you always asking someone to buy things?
  • Are you only using traditional advertising methods, like radio, TV, print or billboard ads?
  • Are you using social media, but only to promote sales?

If you said yes to those questions, chances are potential customers are tuning out your marketing. You must find a way to cut through the noise by providing content that is meaningful to your potential customers, without always asking them for the sale. I like saying make them a little smarter, more successful, or make them laugh.

How to start doing this

1. Are you doing enough online marketing?
Inbound marketing is not only about what you say, but where you say it. Adding pages to a website or starting a blog can help create an online presence. Share your blogs, promotions, tips and fitness content on social channels.

2. Look at the type of content you publish.
Are you always pushing for the sale? Think of inbound marketing as warming up your customers gradually so that they are more open to buying once you finally do ask for their business.

3. Assess how your prospective customers behave when they interact with you online.

  • What pages do they visit most often on your site?
  • What are the things that got them there?
  • Do you have certain posts or tweets that were more popular than others?

Using this data, you can determine what is working (and do more), and what isn't working (and do less). You should have a good mix of traditional “outbound” marketing efforts (like radio ads, flyers, coupons, magazine ads, billboards, TV, etc.) and inbound ones (social media, website, email blasts, blogs, etc.) as well.

For more tips on crafting great online content, download our latest guide on web content best practices.

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Abbey Campbell

Abby is the principal and founder of Clever Fox Consulting and frequent contributor to the Cybex International blog. A lover of all things fitness, she enjoys long runs along the Charles, doing the workout of the day at her local CrossFit box, and doing interval training on her Arc Trainer.