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5 Marketing Tips for Gym Owners: Tip #3 - Differentiate with Content

Tip 3 of 5 - Differentiate with Content

Last week we covered simplifying and targeting your marketing messaging. Were you able to identify distinct groups within your customers? Were you surprised by who your best and most loyal customers were? Have you thought about how you are going to address their concerns through marketing messaging? If you haven’t done this yet, that is okay. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and solid marketing strategies take time, too. Today, we are going to build on that idea and take a deeper dive into how to craft messages to appeal to your target groups beyond competing on price alone.

Tip #3: Differentiate Yourself with Content, not Promotions or Pricing

What this Means

Every time you turn around someone is opening up a gym next door, and they are offering the lowest prices around.

Sound familiar? While you may be a price competitor, this may not always be the best way to differentiate yourself from your competitors in the long run, nor is it the best way to create that community of loyal customers everyone is striving for because as soon as another place is cheaper, they will jump ship. By adding a differentiator beyond price, you can help differentiate yourself from other options your customers may consider.

Why this is Important

Think about you business relative to you competitors, as well as what you are saying in any of your marketing communications:

  • Do pricing and promotions rule your marketing communications?
  • Are your customers surprised by the other things you offer (classes, amenities, etc.) because they weren’t aware of them until they signed up?
  • Do you find yourself constantly stressed about retaining you current members and keeping them engaged?

Perhaps you may benefit from playing up some of the other things that make your facility great so that your potential customers see the full value of what you provide, not just the monthly bill.

How to Start Doing This

1. Do a gap analysis on your competition.

This sounds complicated, but it’s not (we swear). It is just a way for you to see where opportunities might exist to compete on something different than the gym down the street.

  • What are the things your competitors are trying to compete on? Price? Classes? Personal trainers? Amenities?
  • What are some things you do well that aren’t currently being claimed by a competitor?
  • How are they delivering that message and where?

Knowing what the competition is doing can give you great insight on how you might appeal to your customers in a different way.

2. Ask yourself what your members enjoy most about your gym.

  • Brainstorm a list of these things and even ask your customers directly. Is it the strength machines? Is it the cardio equipment? Do you offer great personal trainers who get results?
  • Understanding these things will also help you appeal to potential customers- if your customers like these things about your gym, chances are highlighting them will draw in new members as well.

3. Refer to the list of concerns your target customers have and begin to address them.

  • Give prospective members some idea of what your facility is like and the great things you offer. This makes it easier for them to picture themselves there (and get their friends to join too).

4. Address your customers at various points in their decision process.

Think about the journey your customer took to choosing you:

  • What steps do they take from when they start to when they make the actual decision?
  • How many steps are there?
  • What questions or concerns do they have at each point?
  • Where do they go for information?

Understanding these things will help you figure out what to write about to appeal to potential customers regardless of where they are in their decision process.

For more tips on crafting great content, please download our latest guide on website content best practices.

Check back next week for our fourth tip on bulking up your social media strategy.

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