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5 Marketing Tips for Gym Owners: Tip #4 - Social Media

Tip 4 of 5 - Social Media Strategy

Last week we covered differentiating yourself with content. Did you like the exercises from last week? Did you find it easy or hard to define your tone of voice and pinpoint who your target audience was? Did you find that you knew a lot about your customer’s journey, or did you have to do some research? Whether you found these exercises difficult or not, the important thing is you are thinking about your brand and facility in a new way.Today, we are going to take that a step further and elaborate on how to put together a great social media strategy.

Tip #4: Bulk Up Your Social Media Strategy

What this Means

You may not be posting with a strategic goal in mind, or considering what type of post works best across each platform you use. Each social media platform has a different type of audience and the information is consumed differently as well. Understanding what makes people click or share your post will be a powerful tool.

Why this is Important

Are you having trouble connecting your ROI (in terms of money and time spent) to what you are doing on social media? Thinking about social media in terms of your overall strategy and building campaigns the way you would for a radio spot or a TV ad are likely to help you reach the intended audiences.

How to Start Doing This

Identify a social media platforms that you want to use.

It is more important to do a few well and often than try to cover all of them.

  • Which social platforms do you like to use?
  • Which social platforms do your customers use?
  • Which sites are best to share your content?

Answering these questions can give you some guidance into which social media sites you might want to use going forward, and eliminate some if you find you are trying to do too many right now.

Vary your content across each platform.

Have you seen some gyms that just seem like they are copying and pasting content on all of their social media sites? It gets boring and monotonous, right? Each social media platform requires something a little bit different in terms of content, and you should look closer into what works for one site versus another. This will help you decide and plan where to place your content.

Consider how your prospects use social media.

Identify which audiences use a particular platform the most and create posts that address their needs and concerns (see our earlier blog in this series on Simplifying and Targeting Your Marketing Messaging).

Think of a series of posts as an ad campaign.

Give your social media presence a more cohesive feel and keep your target audience engaged and accustomed to looking for posts from you on the particular topic.

Look at the frequency and timing of your social media posts.

To do social media effectively, you need to be posting regularly. The frequency depends on a variety of factors, like your market, customers, and platform, but this is something that you should maintain constantly. Tools like Hootsuite and Hubspot can automate posts for you so you can schedule them in advance, saving you time and maintaining the level of online presence you need to reach your audiences.

You should also consider when your customers are visiting the social media sites where you are posting. Do you notice some of your posts get more traction if you post around lunchtime? What about at night? Use the analytics tools at your disposal to understand when you have the best chance to engage with your audience.

While this post is a broad overview of some social media best practices, you may want to dig deeper into what works for the specific platforms you are using. Here is a guide we put together outlining social media best practices across the 5 commonly used platforms, which takes a deeper dive into the points we have outlined above. Be sure to check back next week when we cover how to nurture your leads once they come through the door.

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