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5 Tips to Build Your Business with Treadmills

Treadmills are an extremely popular piece of gym equipment and having the right type in your facility could deliver serious ROI. Here are five proven strategies to build your business with treadmills:

#1 Invest in Treadmills You Can Trust

While there are dozens of important factors to consider, nothing matters more than durability and reliability. Treadmills are the most popular gym equipment, the most abused, and the most susceptible to downtime.
Begin your next search by looking for treadmills with a proven reputation for durability and reliability. Look for manufacturers who own their research, their design and their manufacturing. American manufacturers, premium materials and a heritage of excellence are also key factors in differentiating high quality treadmills.

#2 Invest in Dirt Prevention

Dirt. Dust. Grit. Grime. No matter what you call it, the sediment your members track into your facility quickly separates weak treadmills from strong treadmills. Too often, downtime is the result of an inferior machine confronted with dirt-caused wear, tear and obstruction. So, if your treadmills are struggling to keep up with foreign debris, what should you look for in your next purchase?

According to John Derocher, Cybex Field Service Manager, invest in treadmills with:

  • Ridged pads to trap dirt
  • Powerful dust prevention systems
  • Covered belt edges to extend deck and belt life

#3 Invest in Smarter, Simpler Service

After durability and reliability, ease-of-service and maintenance are the most important factors to consider when investing in a treadmill.

John Derocher, Cybex Field Service Manager, advises treadmill buyers look for the following in service:

  • 99% of parts ship within 24 hours (1 week intl.)
  • Top down assembly
  • Cable management
  • Side on/off switch
  • Easy-grip coax cable
  • Superior asset management
  • Service Wheel to help you rotate, relocate, maintain, and clean your treadmills with ease

#4 Invest in Asset Management

Because of their popularity, your treadmills are your best resource for insight on your operation. It all begins with an asset management system that wirelessly collects data from your cardio equipment, and then transmits it to a personal web portal where it’s translated into clear and useful usage information about your facility. From any internet connection, you can then manage tasks, optimize your layout, train your staff, streamline service, and much more.

John Derocher, Cybex Field Service Manager, recommends looking for a gym asset management system that offers the following:

  • Data as “miles run” or “hours used”
  • Six-month usage patterns
  • Maintenance & service instructions
  • How-to videos to train staff
  • Maintenance schedules
  • A method to enter and track service cases

Recommended asset management usage applications:

  • Rotate low and high use equipment, improving customer experience, balancing wear and tear, and improving long-term performance
  • Learn to predict when your facility won’t be busy and apply treadmill usage trends to run promotions during quiet times
  • Learn which treadmills your members prefer, then rearrange your facility to replicate their preferences
  • Never forget a maintenance task and extend the life of your equipment
  • Train staff through instructional videos and task scheduling

#5 Invest in Advanced Maintenance

It’s simple: regularly scheduled cleaning and routine maintenance will increase the lifespan and enhance the performance of your cardio equipment. Owners often wrestle with maintaining best cleaning practices throughout their organizations. To solve this, we’ve created clear, concise how-to videos for you to share with your staff.

Videos include:

Move Unit

Clean Console

Inspect Power Cord

Vacuum Motor Bay

Clean Under Unit

Align Treadmill Row

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