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5 Tips to Not Give Up Exercise While Traveling

With many of you getting ready to travel for spring break, it may seem downright impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle with all of the restaurants, alcohol, and local foods that you can't wait to try.

So how can we stay healthy when on an extended vacation during the holidays?

5 Tips to Stay Active While Traveling

Look for alternative ways to do familiar movements

If you are staying in a tiny hotel room (or even in your old childhood room), there is plenty you can do with limited space and equipment. Sit-ups, push-ups, burpees, dips and squats are a few of your options.

Organize a group workout

Get your family to participate in some fitness fun by organizing a group walk, run, or softball game (or snowball fight if snow is covering the field). This not only improves the safety factor by exercising with others, but can also lead to increased motivation since all of you will be held accountable for showing up.

Read more tips on exercising outside in unfamiliar environments. While this post is geared toward runners, it offers great tips for anyone wanting to get some fresh air and exercise on vacation.

Check into options for weekly passes at the local gym

Many gyms are empty this time of year and may offer a weekly rate because they know people will be traveling and looking to keep up their routines. You can also look for free or inexpensive classes or meet ups to try something new. Sites like Groupon may also offer deals in your vacation destination.

Have a fitness plan

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t enjoy yourself, but some planning may help keep you on task. You are the one committed to your goals, and some more effort will required because you are not able to stick to your normal routine.
Plan out a schedule you know you can stick to, including which workouts you want to do on certain days. For example, you may have family activities planned during the afternoon, so plan for 30 minutes of bodyweight exercises in the morning.

Try not to derail your nutritional routine while you are away, although the temptation might be great. As with any time you travel, look for healthier options when eating out, limit the amount of sugar intake, and prioritize the things you really want to indulge in (like your favorite pie), and leave the other stuff behind.

Also, watch your alcohol consumption. Not only are you more likely to miss your morning workout because you had a few too many the night before, you also are consuming more sneaky calories than you realize.

Don’t be hard on yourself

If you miss a day when you had planned to workout, or had one too many eggnogs, or ate ALL the cookies, it’s okay! Remember: this is a vacation.

Enjoy your travels!

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