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A Fitness Club Marketing Plan for 2012

Most of us either use a GPS in our car or on our phone. Regardless of the brand, the GPS allows you to enter the location and then gives you directions to reach your destination. We had traditionally used a road map for a thousand years and now we have a new high tech device.

Regardless of whether you used a GPS or a road map, if you were not sure where to go or even if you had a rough idea you didn’t waste time, you looked it up and followed the directions.

A business plan or marketing plan is the road map for your business. It gives you direction and is an essential component of business success.

It is ideal to have your plan already done but it is never too late to write one.

When we have a marketing plan, we can then budget our advertising and project our sales. We can see in advance what our business will look like. More importantly, we can say no to opportunities that spring up before us.

Many health club owners get advertising opportunities waved under their noses every day. Many times they yes without thinking or accounting for the cost. When we have a plan we go to that plan or the budget and that determines whether we take the opportunity or not.

Large companies have marketing plans and often say “It is not in our budget this year.” Small business can learn from this and develop their own marketing plan.