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Add Exercises To Your Core Routine (1)

Add Exercises To Your Core Routine

Previously, we outlined the first workout in the Size & Shape series from our Cybex Workout Center. This workout, designed to show you how to begin a strength program, focused on gaining a confidence and understanding of how to make movements you will need in future workouts, including today's introduction of the second program in the group. 

Train to Improve: Add Exercises to Your Core Routine

This program is meant for those that want to add new exercises to their core routine. These exercises attack the core from all angles. Combined with a good diet plan, they will add definition to your core, and variety to your training program.

Start with planks to find a neutral point of spinal alignment (a stable position to engage your core from). Then move into the straight arm crunch and Superman exercises to move away from your stable position, and then back to the stable position.

In the rotational series, use the stability pad for support, and then move the cables in short rotations, letting the shoulders rotate back towards the cable attachment site. Then use your core to move your shoulders away from the attachment site.

All exercises in this protocol should be performed with straight arms.

Add Exercises To Your Core Routine 2

Tips for This Workout

Remember, you control your body. Don't let the cables pull you around. Use a load that allows you to fatigue somewhere between 8-12 reps. You want the weight to be light enough to control but heavy enough to challenge you. Tighten your abs and use them to move the cables. Focus on feeling strong through the core.

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