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Advanced Hydro Rower Workout

Take Your Home Gym Rowing Workout to the Next Level

This rowing workout is a great way to challenge yourself and encourage a friendly competitive spirit. This is a workout you can repeat after a few days of rest, or after a few weeks of training to see how much you’ve improved your speed. 

We’re keeping this home gym challenge anaerobic by going with a shorter working time and longer recovery time to give your body ample time to replenish energy stores.

500-Meter Rowing Challenge!

  • 500 m Row for Time
  • 3 Minute Rest
  • 500 m Row For Time
  • 3 Minute Rest
  • 500 m Row For Time
  • 3 Minute Rest
  • 500 m Row For Time

How To:

  1. Warm up before the challenge by doing a dynamic warm up of your choice and then row for about 200-500 meters at an easy pace.
  2. Perform 4 sets of 500m rows with 3 minute rests in between.
  3. At the end of the workout, take down your average time of all 4 sets of the 500 meter rows. Keep track of it so you can then challenge yourself a few days to a week later (after you’ve recovered) to try and beat your average time. 


Proper rowing form

How to set distances on your Hydro Rower

If you need help sticking to your fitness goals, use these tips to stay on track and try out a new workout move, like toe taps.

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