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Amp Up Your Training Zone By Winning A SPARC (1)

Amp Up Your Training Zone By Winning A SPARC

Designed and developed by the Cybex Research Institute, our world-class exercise science group, SPARC is nothing less than the most advanced HIIT solution in existence. Only SPARC offers sprint-like mechanics in a non-impact environment - making it the most functional and athletic piece of resisted cardio ever built.

With SPARC, your members will: Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Gain Strength, Increase Metabolism, and Improve Power.

Everyone who has tried SPARC has raved about the benefits and success their clients have had. From celebrity trainers Gunnar Peterson, Harley Pasternak and Danny Musico, to performance trainers and facilities Todd Durkin, IMG Academy and the Under Armour Performance Training Center, the positive feedback has been overwhelming.

Now, the chance for you to win a SPARC for your facility is here. We'll be awarding one trainer a SPARC during the final day of the IHRSA 2016 Expo in Orlando, FL on March 23rd. Between now and then, you have up to FIVE chances to win. Here's how:

Five Chances to Win

  1. Provide your contact information on our SPARC page for your first entry.
  2. Share the page on Social Media for an additional entry.
  3. Refer up to THREE other trainers for THREE additional entries. These can be trainers at your facility (helping to increase the odds for your gym), as well as trainers that you think may be interested in experiencing SPARC. Once they enter, you'll get a bonus entry.

Now, for the fine print: Entrants must be 18 years or older and live within the continental US. You also must own or work for a gym within the continental US, as the SPARC will only be shipped to the gym. The winner will be chosen at random and does not need to be at IHRSA to win.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner and be sure to get your entries in today!

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