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We’ve been fiercely committed to real results and meaningful innovations based on scientific insight and the tireless pursuit of fitness perfection.

An Introduction to Strength Training

You know that strength training is important for many things - like maintaining muscle mass and bone density, improving body mechanics, increasing stamina, and helping us to more easily fight off infection, just to name a few.

Where to Begin Strength Training

We understand that sometimes the machines can be scary, especially if you don’t use them often (or have never used them before).

  • How do you know if you are performing the movements correctly?
  • How do you know what weight to use?
  • What settings do I use? How many reps do I do?

A Total Body Strength Workout for Beginners

In this Wednesday’s workout, we are bringing you a total body strength workout that is a great introduction to strength training and Cybex equipment, which we feel will give you a great start on your journey to becoming stronger and more toned.

For this workout, you will need the following pieces of equipment:


This workout was designed for use with Eagle Strength Equipment, as well as the Arc Trainer.  For a quick tutorial on each, please refer to our instructional strength equipment videos that show you how each machine is used and the variety of movements that can be performed on each.

For the workout itself, we have programmed a circuit that involves a variety of different movements with rest in between (and a little cardio at the end):


The goal here is to get more comfortable with strength training in general.  Pick weights that are challenging, but that you know you can move consistently for 12 reps at a time. Also be sure to give yourself a rest after each set for the full 30 seconds.

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