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Arc Trainer Exercise Series: The Top 5 Programs

Cybex trainer Scott Moody has created five unique training program for the Arc Trainer. Each focuses on a different set of performance goals, from general fitness, to strength training and circuit training.

When you're ready, go ahead and get started by following the trainer tips and links provided for each of the five Arc Trainer programs.

Top 5 Arc Trainer Workout Programs

As you move progressively along each program in the Arc Trainer Exercise Series you will begin to understand the flexibility and programming diversity that has been built into the Arc Trainer. Each program supplies the variety needed to keep your body properly challenged while always maintaining protocols of safe and gradual training progression.  In this series, users will employ goal specific training practices. It is important to remember to measure expectations when measuring results.

Once completed, we recommend that you return and repeat earlier programs with greater intensity. To access each program, simply click the title of each program.

  1. General Fitness
    The perfect "Get Started" program for the Arc Trainer: designed to build an endurance base as well as a functional lower body strength base in just 2-3, quick 30-minute workouts per week.

    Tip: General Fitness will jumpstart your fitness level if deconditioned.
  2. Heart Rate Recovery
    To improve recovery, this 8 week program focuses on the ability of the heart to quickly recover during interval training by combining both aerobic and anaerobic training within the same workout.

    Tip: Use this program early in the series to prepare for higher intensity interval programs.
  3. Circuit Training
    Combining upper body activity (usually using dumbbells or bodyweight exercises) with the strength and cardio effect produced by the Arc Trainer, circuit style, this program challenges strength endurance in a high intensity interval setting.

    Tip: When a Bravo All-In-One is not in proximity of the Arc Trainer, cover the distance with a complementing third exercise that travels. Or, simply bring alternative tools closer (such as dumbbells, bar or bench).
  4. Off-Day Cross Training
    Especially for those dealing with overuse injuries, this program calls for an athlete to substitute one Arc Trainer session in place of one weekly training session.

    Tip: As a preventative tool, use off-day cross training in a program of varying intensities to address joint health.
  5. Max Strength
    Scott Moody was not sure about being able to get both strength and power from a cardio machine, but after seeing the results he has been convinced. This is the

    Tip: Suspend any disbelief and try this workout - you may be surprised at the effectiveness of the Arc Trainer.

Additional workouts from Cybex

Scott Moody worked with the team at Cybex to create an easy-to-use workout system that focuses on 4 key areas: Weight Loss, Running, Size & Shape, and Performance. Each focus area has 4 progressive workouts, designed to help you challenge yourself and take the next step in your fitness.

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