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Arc Vs. Elliptical: Revisiting Why Arc Trainer Wins

As part of #ARCtober, we're celebrating the Arc Trainer all month long. Follow us here on the Cybex blog and on our social media channels for research, workouts, and more. Today, we're revisiting  just how the Arc Trainer is different from the elliptical, and why you should choose the Arc Trainer for your fitness needs. 

What Makes The Arc Trainer Different?

The most obvious difference is inherent in the names, which describe the motion of the footplates. On the elliptical, the footplate moves around in an ellipse, while on the Arc Trainer the footplate moves...well...in an arc! This may seem trivial to some, but to us, it means a world of difference.


Well, let’s start by looking at what happens when someone uses an elliptical. As a user pushes down on one footplate, the opposite footplate moves around the ellipse until it reaches the apex of the pattern. But this isn’t the starting position, and in fact, the user actually has to push the footplate further forward until it reaches the point where it can move down again.

Pushing the footplate in this way actually places a lot of stress on the knee joint, which, by the way, never happens at this point of the movement during walking or running. In fact, the stress is great enough, that overtime, it can cause a painful overuse syndrome. At best, it just limits how much you can do on ellipticals.

For more information on the design of the Arc Trainer and what it means to you, read more from the original article from Dr. Paul Juris here. To see more about the Arc Trainer vs. the elliptical, check out the video below.

Arc Trainer vs. Elliptical


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