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Banish Post-Binge Bloat


So Thanksgiving is under our belts (literally) and the food fests surrounding Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and the New Year parties are around the bend.  Now is a good time to employ these tips to keep your hard-earned healthy habits intact and sanely get back on track after an indulgent meal (or three).

Don't punish yourself. 

We’ve all been there—facing that morning after-guilt after an evening of excess.  Too much rich food and drink in one sitting and waking up bloated, gassy, and feeling disgusted can lead you to think you should starve yourself the next day.  Bad idea.  Extreme calorie restriction only slows your metabolism and sets you up for another inevitable binge, setting up a cycle of yoyo dieting and unhealthy weight and insulin fluctuations.

Instead, have a protein-rich breakfast and a bracing workout on the Arc Trainer or a 45-minute circuit training routine at the gym.  Have a light, yet nutrient-rich lunch and dinner and focus on today’s challenges and joys rather than ruminating over what has passed.

Get back to your basic routine.

The best way to deal with an indiscretion is to move on quickly. The sooner you step back on the Arc and resume your normal routines of daily living, the sooner your body will adjust itself.

Exercise boosts endorphins in the brain, those positive, chemicals that boost mood and enhance stamina. Focusing on tasks at hand lets your mind move on from remorse to the humility and joys of being a living human being.

I hope these simple suggestions allow you to enjoy the December wave of festivities with your sleek physique intact!

Holly Aglialoro
Guest Blogger and Fitness Enthusiast