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Burn off Halloween Candy with the Arc Trainer

It’s Halloween and you know what that means. Candy, candy everywhere. And chocolate. And candy corn. And Snickers. The list goes on and on.

With Halloween candy seemingly present every time every time you turn around, it gets even harder to say no to these delicious treats over and over again (Twix, anyone?).

How much exercise does it take to burn off Halloween candy?


This year, the National Retail Federation estimates that $2.2 billion will be spent on Halloween candy this year, making it the biggest holiday of the year for candy makers like Hershey’s and Mars. If Americans are spending that much on candy this October, you can only imagine what it is doing to our waistlines.

But it is also “Arc-tober”, and we are here to show you how the Arc Trainer can help you effectively combat those annoying extra calories.

As we discuss before, the Arc Trainer is biomechanically more efficient and better at activating the large muscle groups in the lower body than many other forms of exercise. This makes the workout seem easier, but you are actually burning more calories in the same amount of time and are able to continue the exercise longer before experiencing fatigue or discomfort.

Of course, a treat here and there is more than ok, but sometimes we bite off a little more than we can chew. When you feel like you overindulged on too many Snickers and a solid workout to feel better, the Arc Trainer is a great option to get you on track.

As our infographic above shows, the Arc Trainer can help you burn those extra candy calories about 3 times as fast as going on a brisk walk. This leaves you more time to work on that Halloween costume you have been planning.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Cybex.