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Celebrate Daily: Workout Like a Warrior


Memorial Day flew past as it does each year.  For many, this was simply a day to rest, gather together and offer gratitude to those who serve at home and abroad. We did our part and said our thanks - so now what?

For us, the answer begins in this short inspiring video interview with Wounded Warrior: Brian McPherson as he shares why upon returning home he made a powerful decision to to train for the 2012 triathalon, despite his recent traumatic injuries suffered while on duty.

McPherson sustained bilateral shoulder damage and traumatic brain injury during a suicide bombing in 2008 while serving in Iraq. 

Given his injuries, he had every excuse to simply sit back and heal.  Instead, he decided to train for a triathalon as a reminder of our freedom to choose how we heal and how we battle adversity. 

And in that way, we honor those who will never be forgotten.

QUESTION:  How will you celebrate Memorial Day, every day?  

ARC TRAINER:  Offers Comfort and Aid

While this is not the main point of sharing his story with you, we are proud to see that the ARC Trainer is a part of Brian's training program.  At Cybex, we carry great pride when we are reminded how our product, crafted by our team, and constructed fully in the USA gives aid by supporting those who have supported our country without end.

Source:  YouTube


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