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Chest Presses for Functionality and Glamour

Importance of Strong Chest Muscles

The chest muscles can be trained in a variety of different ways, whether you are sitting, standing, or on a flat, inclined or declined bench. For today, we will focus on the seated chest press. This movement mainly targets pecs, as well as your anterior delts, and triceps. You will also use your rhomboids and trapezius in your back, as well as your core muscles for added assistance and stability.

Why You Should Exercise Your Chest Muscles

Working the pecs (and subsequent muscles that aid in these exercises) builds a strong upper body and assists posture, especially when done in combination with the pulling exercises we mentioned last week.


While doing chest press exercises lends itself to having a well-defined physique, it is important to focus on the functional ability these exercises give you. Some of us do these exercises to look better, but did you know they also help us retain our functionality, especially as we age?

The chest muscles aid in many movements you do involving your shoulders and shoulder blades. This can be anything from washing your hair, getting dressed, swimming, throwing a ball or lifting and carrying a heavy box. Combining these pushing exercises with pulling ones ensures that the total upper body is strong, not just the glamour muscles.

While men often focus on training these muscles as part of building their physique, these exercises are also helpful for women, for many of the reasons we mentioned in our last blog post on pulling. And while men usually focus on training these muscles, it is important not to over train them. Getting that great beach body is the result of proper nutrition, as well as training all muscle groups, not just the ones (like the pecs) that take all the credit.

Trainer Tip

Use the Eagle NX Chest Press machine to give your clients a versatile upper body workout. The Eagle NX's Dual Axis Technology® offers both a machine-defined and user-defined pattern of movement to offer a variety of different exercises on the same machine.

Some other features of the Eagle NX Chest Press machine are:

  • Independent movement so that users can train both arms or just one arm at a time
  • Handles that move closer together as you push out, allowing for a greater range of motion at the shoulder, and a more effective pec workout

Machine Set-Up

Here videos on beginner and more advanced exercises on the Eagle NX Chest Press, including proper set-up.

You can also incorporate these movements into a workout routine, using our new Workout Center, including a beginner weight loss workout that will help you build a base of strength and work capacity, and build confidence in specific movement patterns including pushing exercises using the Eagle NX Chest Press.

View our brochures for more information on how you can get the Eagle NX Strength machines in your gym:

Try the Eagle NX App

Be sure to also check out our new Eagle NX app to guide you through set up and exercises using our complete line of Eagle NX strength equipment.