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Core Exercises To Improve Your Golf Game

Golf is an ageless game, appealing to the young and the young at heart.  And while you may not equate traditional golfers with today's gym rats, studies have shown that following a strength training routine can help players on all levels improve their performance. After looking at how to strengthen your legs to improve your long game, today we're going to look at strengthening your core to help increase control and decrease injury risks.

Back & Core Exercises for Golfers

Core muscles make up a key area of the body that helps keep you balanced in any sort of activity. It’s an important part of a chain of events starting with the legs and ending with the club contacting the ball, and beyond, by controlling deceleration after impact. It’s not more important than other aspects, but should not be overlooked either.

Besides being mentally strong, golfers need a strong body. The torso is a very important part of the golf swing. Having a solid torso ensures power, stability and good posture. The legs are usually thought of as the most important part of the body used in the golf swing. These two parts of the body work together to provide the power for the swing.

–Charlotte McLoughlin

PGA Tour: How fitness has changed the game of golf

Why Work the Back and Core for Golf?

  • Better postural control during your swing
  • Improved balance while on the golf course

2 Back & Core Builders to Try

Everyone will have their own “sweet spot” for training based on their body, age, experience, and overall health, all of which will evolve over time. 


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