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Cybex Care: Inspect Treadmill Power Cords

Reduce downtime. Manage equipment usage. Cybex Care, our new web-based asset management system, offers maintenance guidance, task tracking, insight into cardio machine usage, and a method for submitting and monitoring service cases. As part of Cybex Care, we've created a series of maintenance videos to help you care for your equipment. This week, we're showing you how to properly inspect the power cords on your treadmills to ensure they work correctly.


As part of your monthly maintenance, check the power cords and outlets on your treadmills to ensure they continue to work properly and smoothly for your members. This task will take you about three minutes to complete and requires no tools.

  • To start, inspect the treadmill area for any damaged plugs or power cords on the units. If anything is damaged, take the unit out of service.
  • While connected to the outlet, move the power cord back and forth to check the mounting. The connection should be secure and not move. If it is turning on and off rapidly, or not a secure mount, disconnect the unit and take out of service.
  • Turn the main power switch on the treadmill to the off position and unplug the power cord from the outlet. Look for signs of head damage or cracking.
  • Check the prongs of the power cord for signs of bending, breaking, or missing prongs. If any of this is visible, discontinue use of the unit.
  • Inspect the full length of the power cord for damaged insulation or wearing. Nothing should be exposed from the cord and if it is, discontinue use of the machine.
  • When finished inspecting these elements, reconnect the treadmill to the power outlet and turn the main power button back to the on position.
  • Operate the treadmill through full incline to verify proper operation, making sure that the power cord is not pinched under the machine.

The below video will help to assist you in properly performing this task:


If you have questions about any of our service videos, or need further information about your Cybex equipment, call our Service team at +1.508.533.4300 or visit us Cybex Support website.