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Cybex eBook: Social Media Tips For Marketing Success

Recently, Cybex launched the Cybex Digital Marketing Suite to help assist with many of your marketing needs including social media posts, video and images, newletters and fitness programs & calculators. The Digital Marketing Suite is a great tool designed to make sharing content and promoting your facility quick and easy.

One of the highlights of the Digital Marketing Suite is our series of eBooks, which we created in an effort to provide tutorials and best practices designed to make your marketing efforts easier. The eBook series delves into topics such as website and blog content, as well as email marketing. Today, we take a look at the Social Media eBook and show you how it can help boost your presence on Facebook, Twitter, and more.


Social Media 101

The eBook opens with a quick overview of social media and why it is critical for you to have a strong presence on multiple platforms in order to enhance your business. Not only do you need a strong presence, but an active presence. Inactive accounts are not only boring, but give the impression that you have nothing noteworthy to share - something that will not help bring people through your doors. 

While sharing some general rules about social media, such as how to stand out, creating real value, posting (or not posting) across multiple social channels, and how to engage users, the eBook provides even those newest to social media enough "know-how" to get online and get active. From there, we take you deeper into each channel and show you how to maximize your presence on them.

With over 1,200,000,000 monthly active users, the most well-known social media platform is Facebook. You can share updates, videos, and links with your community through your individual page, those of your trainers & staff, or a company page. The eBook provides specific examples of how to create interesting posts, engage your audience, and provides tips on creating content schedules and measuring analytics. 

For the gym owner on the go, Twitter is social media's way of saying, "cut to the chase." With just 140 characters (and the ability to post photos and video), the platform allows for real-time engagement, quick-hitting interaction and the ability to track multiple topics with hashtags. While content is king, the ability to create buzz around your hashtags will allow for interaction from your network and a way to build community. Hashtags could focus on the facility name, a promotion or contest, or an event going on currently. This medium is one where you can have a bit of a brand personality shine through and the eBook gives examples on how to create one for your business.

If 140 characters still seems like too much work when it comes to social media, give Instagram a try. This photo-based platform (or 15-second video) is a way to showcase your facility, a new piece of equipment, or the success of your members (in-action or post-workout) for all to see. Because Instagram is focused on photos and primarily on mobile, this is a quick and efficient way to get your message out while you're on the go. You'll find more tips on how to make your Instagram memorable inside the eBook.

One of the most important factors in the success of your clients is their level of motivation. Pinterest has become the hub for motivational images & quotes through their user-generated boards on a variety of topics. Motivation and inspiration for and from the fitness world has become one of the most popular topics on this social platform and with our tips, you can get your boards started to help attract traffic to your facility, inspire others and interact with other users. Pinterest has a way of drawing you in and keeping you in, so following our tips on how to cultivate great pins will help those who spend hours on the platform engage in your content.

If 15 seconds of video from Instagram isn't enough, then YouTube is where you need to head for great video content. By being able to post videos that are both searchable and that can be embedded on your website, you will be able to show everyone the life and energy that is created inside your facility. In the eBook, we provide tips on creating great video content that looks polished, takes advantages of tags and annotations available on the platform, and give examples on what types of videos (demos, interviews, contests) make great YouTube content for your gym.

Download the Social Media eBook

The Social Media eBook helps get you acquainted with several of the most popular platforms and gets your started on how to create great content for each (as well as syndicate across several of them at once). Be sure to keep checking back for more examples on how to broaden your social media presence on each of these channels. In the meantime, head over to the Cybex Digital Marketing Suite and download the Social Media eBook today.