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Cybex Upper Body Strength Training To Improve Cycling Performance (1)

Cybex Upper Body Strength Training To Improve Cycling Performance

From trail rides to road races to inner-city commutes, biking is more popular than ever. Now, studies are showing that off-road strength training at the gym can improve just about every aspect of biking. In the second of a two-part series, we explore upper body strength training to help you reach your biking goals.

Core and Upper Body Exercises to Increase Stability & Maximize a Cyclist's Energy Use

Some people might overlook core and upper body strength when it comes to biking. But in this sport, it’s essential to keep the rest of your body strong as your legs cycle beneath you.

“Inevitably, bike riders focus on legs. But a conditioned core provides the solid platform for pedaling. Exercises like these will make you stronger on the bike, in and out of the saddle, and they can help ward off or alleviate common injuries such as lower-back niggles.”
Tom Barras, English professional road racing cyclist, Cycling Weekly

Developing your core muscles, emphasizing the back extensors, can help you manage a stable position on the bike over long rides. Upper body strength helps to:

  1. Establish a stable position over the handlebars
  2. Control the side to side movement of the bike

Try these core and upper body exercises to help you stay on top of your bike in the most efficient way.

Work It

Exercises for the upper body and back.

Why Exercise the Core & Upper Body?

  • Better postural control
  • Improved balance
  • Use power from your legs more efficiently
  • Protection from injury

4 Core Upper Body Builders for Cyclists

Everyone will have their own “sweet spot” for training based on their body, age, experience, and overall health, all of which will evolve over time.

Cybex helps you do what you love—longer, stronger, safer, smarter. Work some strength training into your biking routine to go farther, faster, and keep you logging those miles.

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