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Cybex Workout Center: Bravo Supported Horizontal Rotation


Bravo Supported Horizontal Rotation

Horizontal rotation, as the name implies, develops the rotational capability of the trunk. This is useful for activities such as tennis and golf, as well as many other daily movements. The muscles primarily involved in this exercise are the internal and external obliques. The stability pad allows you to use more weight, creating a greater challenge to the muscles, without losing balance.

  1. Stand with your side to the machine and the cable in front of you at shoulder height.
  2. Adjust the stability pad so that it is touching your inside hip.
  3. Turning towards the machine, grasp the handle with your arms straight in front of you, and pull the handle by rotating your trunk away from the machine.

Use the Bravo Supported Horizontal Rotation in our exercise designed to add exercises to your core routine.

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