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Double-Dipping During a Cardio Workout

Cardio and Strength Training in One.

Here's how.

Think of it as the ultimate multi-tasking coup: a cardio workout that also works on lower body strength.

Turns out the Cybex Arc Trainer delivers both - the Centers for Athletic Performance in Kansas confirms it. 

Arc Trainer Strength Training

The Arc Trainer, an aerobic training machine that gives you cardiovascular and weight loss results, can also improve your lower body’s power and functional capacity.

The scientific study run by the Centers for Athletic Performance involved two groups of moderately fit men. The researchers recorded the men’s maximum abilities regarding jumping height and controlled leaping distance. One group of men then followed a high-intensity workout series on the Arc Trainer three days a week for the next three weeks. Meanwhile the other group, the control group, did not exercise. Then the functional capacity of all the men was tested again.


The men in the Arc Trainer group had a substantial improvement in their lower body strength after just three weeks. Their hopping distance improved from a mean of 129.8 cm to 149.2. That’s a 17% increase! The control group, by contrast, demonstrated no change in strength.


The men who exercised on the Arc Trainer also experienced an almost 20 cm improvement in the controlled leap (from a mean of 143.6 cm to 163 cm) while the control group’s result showed no significant change.

Are you surprised that a cardio trainer can also improve functional ability and strength (and in only a few weeks)? Maybe it's time to rethink cardio and show your clients how the Arc Trainer lets them work multiple goals at the same time.