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Fitness Fads vs. Fitness Trends: What Will Drive the Industry in 2015?

Recently, the ACSM published their 2015 Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends. In its ninth year, the survey continues to list dozens of top fitness trends and fads, looking to those within the industry to name what they believe will drive the market in the following year. Over 3,400 respondents, including personal trainers, group exercise leaders, medical professionals, graduate students and more, gave ACSM their top 20 trends for 2015.

The Top 20 Fitness Trends of 2015

Out of 39 trends offered to survey participants, 20 were selected as the top trends for 2015. Trends have tended to remain somewhat similar. From 2008-2013 the same trends were identified in the results, with only the order changing here and there. Then in 2014, body weight training broke into the list and quickly jumped to the top for 2015.


(image source: ACSM's Health Fitness Journal)

There were no new or returning trends that cracked the list for 2015. This finding seems to reinforce the thought of trends vs. fads, showing that some things that were thought to be trends in the past may truly have just been fads. 

Fitness Fads vs. Trends

In the ACSM survey results, they define a trend as "a general development or change in a situation or in the way that people are behaving." A fad is defined as "a fashion that is taken up with great enthusiasm for a brief period". These two definitions, combined with the nine years of results, help us understand why things like Educated and Experienced Fitness Professionals and Strength Training have remained strong fitness trends for years. It clarifies why things like Body Weight Training and HIIT Training have risen steadily into the trend category, and why activities such as Zumba and Indoor Cycling had instant success but quickly faded from the list. Indoor cycling may not have made the list, but it is a staple activity in most full-service health clubs.

It will be interesting to see if the two recent fast risers (Body Weight Training and HIIT Training), both holding the top spots over the last two surveys, will be able to maintain their perceived status as trends or will fall into the fad category. While both have their positives within the industry (popularity, ease of execution/lack of expensive equipment), there are potential risks associated within some of the programming, specifically HIIT Training. This trend could find itself even higher on the 2016 list as well with the possibility of trainers encouraging low and moderate HIIT intensity for safety. 

Fit in 15 with Cybex: Why the Trends Excite Us

When this list came out via the ACSM survey, there was plenty for us to look forward to. Our goal is to help you get #FitIn15 with great programming, information, education, and equipment. Look for special posts on our blog and social media with #FitIn15 designed to help you achieve your fitness goals for the year. Here is just a sampling:

#2. HIIT Training

While we can't quite let the cat out of the bag just yet, our team here at Cybex is working on something new and exciting that will be a natural fit in any type of interval training program. We can't wait to give you the details, so be sure to keep an eye out for a BIG announcement.

#3. Educated and Experienced Fitness Professionals

Through the Cybex Research Institute, we will continue to provide original research and create education opportunities (including CECs) for trainers and fitness professional to further their learning and build their knowledge base. Cybex Product Specialists will continue to travel around North America to educate trainers and fitness professionals on the use of Cybex equipment.

#4. Strength Training

Earlier this year we released the premium Cybex Eagle NX strength line. In 2015, we'll be highlighting how to build strength through exercises on our Eagle NX app, programming in the Cybex Workout Center and why this state-of-the-art strength line is a must have in your training facility.

In addition to these categories, our fitness professionals will be spending 2015 providing you with programming and workouts for:

  • Your New Year's resolutions: (Category #6: Exercise and Weight Loss)
  • Athletes of all ages (#8: Fitness Programs for Older Adults)
  • How to train for passion sports and activities (#12: Outdoor Activities and #16: Sport-Specific Training). 

And, just like we are excited to give you details on some big things happening at Cybex regarding HIIT Training, later this year we'll have something just as big regarding strength.

We can't wait for the calendar to turn to January 1st and get #FitIn15 with you! On behalf of all of us here at Cybex, we wish you a Happy Holiday season and look forward to an exciting year ahead!

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