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Fitness Watch: 4 Awe-inspiring Videos


How-To: jump start your inspiration using online video.

Nothing inspires a new frame of mind than watching others in action.  In life or on the screen, humans are secret voyeurs.  We watch.  We dream.  We join the journey (imaginatively).  Then we tell others about what we saw (as we giggle).  What excites us on the screen often makes us want to be a part of the action.  

Powerful inspiration like that is priceless especially when it ignites our drive to be physically active. Often, videos can serve this purpose as a great way to get you moving.

For videos that may fit your vibe, try some of our favorites featured below.  Let us know if they light your fire in the comments. Or suggest a few personal favorites we may have missed.

FOR MORE: Visit Cybex TV: My Cybex located on our education page.


  •   Do certain types of inspirational materials moves you more than others?  
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