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From Fat To Fit On The Arc Trainer (1)

From Fat To Fit On The Arc Trainer

From time to time, we receive some truly inspirational messages and stories of success from users of Cybex equipment. It may be someone who used a Cybex product to help rehab an injury, meet a weight-loss goal, or finally found the product that kept them coming back to the gym after years of failed attempts. We love getting these stories and when we get the opportunity to share them with you, that makes them even better.

Recently, we received a very touching note from Billy Martin, who has dealt with physical issues for years and also suffered the loss of his son while serving in the Navy in 2011. When most people would use these ailments and loss as a reason to "let go," Billy uses them as motivation to change his life and be active. He uses the Arc Trainer at his local Snap Fitness, dropping over 140 pounds and relieving much of the pain that ailed his daily life. His story, in his words, is below. We hope you find it as inspiring as we have.

From Fat to Fit on the Arc Trainer

The United States Air Force medically retired me in 2006 after a confirmed diagnosis of severe Psoriatic Arthritis (PA) as a result of exposure from an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) mission. I suffered from the effects of arthritis in every joint of my body on a daily basis. I allowed arthritis to control virtually all aspects of my life. All that changed in 2013.

My “coping” mechanisms with arthritis included a very inactive lifestyle since 2003. For almost 10 years I allowed myself to believe the myth that “comfort food” alleviated the pain and discomfort of arthritis. This misguided belief continued as I dealt with the tragic pain associated with losing my son, Blake (killed on 31 March 2011, while on Active Duty in the United States Navy). 

In October 2012, my doctor recommended gastric bypass surgery, as I weighed 357 lbs. and “stretched” the limits of my 46 inch waist pants and XXXL shirts. I knew surgery would not work unless my lifestyle and eating habits changed. My life insurance company also declined a requested increase of coverage during that same timeframe due to their classification of me as morbidly obese. That represented the beginning of the change. I realized that at the end of the day failure to take care of myself, regardless of the legitimacy of circumstance, represented nothing more than an excuse.

Finding relief on the Arc Trainer

I chose Snap Fitness for a couple of reasons. First, the flexibility associated with 24/7 access really appealed to my needs. My pain comes at different times of the day contingent upon the weather and my daily routine. 24/7 access eliminated the ability to have an excuse not to workout. 

Second, the Cybex equipment at the facility simply represents the best. The Arc Trainer’s design remains arthritis friendly. Elliptical trainers represent an excruciating ordeal for people like me with arthritis in the knees, ankles, and/or hips. The Arc Trainer, with its arc motion, provides excellent support and stability for the leg joints. The proper positioning of these joints keeps my knees from going in front of my feet throughout the exercise and eliminates pain associated with this process.

Success without surgery

I changed my lifestyle relevant to exercise and diet. Snap Fitness and Cybex have helped me to lose 140 lbs. to my present day weight of 217 lbs. without the need for any surgery! I simply put a picture of Blake on the Arc Trainer and workout with “My Boy!” I now wear a very loose fitting 34 inch waist in pants and a large in shirts.  My doctor cannot believe the difference!

Yes, I still hurt, but I no longer allow my arthritis to control me - I manage my arthritis. The endorphins released from my workout actually work better to mitigate the pain and discomfort more than any pain medicine I have ever taken. I sleep much better at night and proper rest remains crucial for one’s well-being.

Everyone has heard the saying “No Pain No Gain.” Well I say, “Know Pain Know Gain.” Do not allow anything to get in the way of a healthy lifestyle. Know your body, know your limits, and know your pain threshold. Work together with your body to create a healthier you.

Remember this acronym ACT (Attitude, Commitment, and Training). You cannot do one without the other. At the end of the day, failure to take care of yourself, regardless of the legitimacy of circumstance, reflects nothing more than an excuse.

What’s your excuse?

 - Billy Martin

We would like to thank Billy for sharing his inspirational story with us at Cybex and for allowing us to share it with all of you. We would also like to congratulate him on his weight-loss success and taking control of his life and making the changes needed to be healthier and in less pain everyday.