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General Fitness With the Arc Trainer

The Perfect "Get Started" Program for the Arc Trainer

In this Arc Trainer Exercise Series edition, we will discuss the Arc Trainer's impact on Improving General Fitness. When we say “General Fitness” we define this as:

The ability of a training program to raise the level of function applicable to everyday life.

If you are thinking of starting a training program, but are unsure of where to begin, this Arc Trainer workout is for you. If you need a bit more info on getting started with the Arc Trainer, view the video below the workout.

General Fitness Interval 3:1

Warm-up on the Arc Trainer

Warm up on the Arc trainer for 5-10 minutes adjusting the incline from 3-8 to identify a comfortable level. Also adjust the load (resistance) from 15-30, as you look for a comfortable starting resistance, and increase the speed to somewhere between 100 and 120 strides per minute.

Note: increasing the incline on the Arc Trainer will sometimes make the workout feel a little easier as you get a little bit more time (pull from gravity) in the down stroke. This is unlike a treadmill program where increasing the incline will make the program more difficult. 

Begin the workout

  1. Set up the Arc Trainer with the identified settings (usually around 5-6 incline and 20-25 resistance) and begin at a pace of 100-120 strides per minute for 3 minutes.
  2. Rest for 1 minute (keeping incline and resistance the same, but decrease strides per minute to walking pace of less than 25 strides per minute)
  3. Start a 3-minute interval and try to increase the resistance by 5
  4. Rest for 1 minute
  5. Repeat 3-minute interval and rest cycles until you have reached 30 minutes

The goal is to be able to keep the strides per minute around 120 and increase the load (resistance) as high as possible. We have some recreational runners who will increase the load to 50-60 and we have some stay-at-home-moms that will hover around 30-35 resistance. Everyone is different, and we are all starting at different fitness levels, so challenge yourself in each set to go one notch higher on the resistance.

To see more information on this workout and read a case study about an athlete who used Scott's protocol, check out his original post here

New to the Arc Trainer? Video: Getting started 

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