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Getting More Out of Your Workouts With the Cybex Bravo App

What this is:

The Cybex Bravo Workout Guide is an app designed to help you with your Bravo Functional Trainer workout.  The app contains the following features:

  • Aids you in setting up and using the Bravo for the 20 most popular exercises that can be performed with it
  • Provides you personalized settings for each adjustment point based on your unique biomechanics
  • Contains interactive images of the machine so you know where each adjustment point is located
  • Offers video demonstrations of each movement to show you the suggested motion paths for each exercise
  • Allows you to note the weight settings you last used for each exercise.

Why you should care:

Have you ever gone to use a piece of fitness equipment and were confused about how to set it up, or were not sure if you were doing the movements correctly? This app takes the guesswork out of setting up our equipment because it is completely customizable, and gives you clear demonstrations for each exercise so you can work out with confidence.

What is the Bravo Functional Trainer?

It is an all-in-one fitness machine that combines both selectorized and cable-based strength training. The Bravo features the Progressive Stabilization system, which allows the user to incrementally modify the stabilization provided.  This means users can increase core strength and workload at the same time. With a 3x increase in load capacity and a 3x increase in core activation, no other functional trainer can touch Bravo's results. 

Where you can get the app:

The app is available for FREE for the iPhone and iPad. Click here to download it now.

Use the Bravo in the Workout Center

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