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Have a Healthy Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching this weekend, I feel like we are inundated with subtle (and not so subtle) reminders to pick up flowers, candy, jewelry, etc. for the special someone in our lives. For those of us working in the fitness industry, sticking to our New Year's Resolutions, or just generally living healthier lifestyles, some of those fancier dinners and boxes full of chocolate aren't necessarily what are at the top of wish lists for February 14th.

With that in mind, I started looking around for some fun and healthy ideas for Valentine's Day that can be just as sweet, but without the sugar! (Hey, its Valentine's Day - cheesy lines have to show up somewhere, right?!)

Music for a Valentine's Day Workout

First off, if you're going to get your workout in on Valentine's Day, I created a quick #FitIn15 playlist for you. These 15 songs all have a little bit of a Valentine's Day feel to them, but will still get the energy up and help you power through that workout before celebrating the day.

I wanted to get some newer stuff in there (Come Get It Bae, All of Me) while keeping the tempo going thanks to Calvin Harris and his collaborations (Sweet Nothings, We Found Love) and I had to give a nod to a few classics for this mix as well (Pretty Young Thing, Addicted To Love). I think this one will keep you moving and get you ready for the rest of your Valentine's Day!

Give your heart some love...and a workout!

If you need help with choosing a workout to pair this playlist with, I'd suggest a cardio workout. Why not work the heart on this holiday?!If it's a cardio workout you need, the Cybex Workout Center is your one-stop shop:

If you're not buried in snow like those of us in the Northeast and want to get outside for a fun winter workout, we've also got some tips for that.

Regardless of which activity you're looking for, we've got you covered with programming and a playlist, so no excuses today!

Healthy gift ideas and date options

With your workout out of the way, make sure you have your gift ready to go. Sure, you can always fall back on the old staples of the day, but what is the fun in that? Here are 5 healthy gift ideas that you can give your Valentine this year. Whether it is a healthy snack/treat, a couples massage, or a fitness class you can take together, these are some great idea starters to help you pick out your gift.

If you're looking for something to do together instead of, or in addition to, exchanging gifts, here are 9 healthy ideas from Men's Health including taking a cooking class or going ice skating that you can plan for a fun and guilt-free holiday with your special someone. If you completely forgot about how quickly February 14th got here, the team over at Greatist is ready to save your day with 20 last-minute Valentine's plans for you to check out and look like you've been planning something for weeks. 

Happy Valentine's Day

Whatever your plans look like, I hope the music, workouts, gift and date ideas here help you make it a memorable Valentine's Day for you and your loved one. And if the whole mushy, romantic tone of the day isn't your thing, I didn't forget about you: enjoy!