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How to Use Facebook Advertising to Generate 200 New Leads a Month

Boutique studios have become a huge trend in the fitness industry. But in order for these facilities to compete against larger, corporate gyms, it’s crucial to ensure a constant influx of new leads. That’s where Facebook advertising comes in. With this program studios have been known to generate 200 new leads every month. Let’s get started.

1 - Advertise Your Best Offer

With one of Loud Rumor’s kickboxing clients, we generated 427 leads in 30 days using Facebook ads. One part of this success was the offer that was advertised in their campaign. They chose to promote two deals: one free week of kickboxing, or an unlimited month for $34. So before you build your Facebook ads, make sure you have a great offer in mind that will intrigue your audience enough to get them through the door. Other great offers are # classes for $xx - for instance, 10 classes for $40.

2 - Build Your Ad With Style        

You want your fitness studio’s Facebook ad to draw people in. So when someone scrolls through their newsfeed, your ad should make them want to stop. That means a few things:

  • Use an image that is unique to the campaign. It shouldn’t be stock. For example, take a picture of your studio’s equipment or of someone working out in your gym. It should be branded to your company and look natural.
  • Clearly state the offer. The promotion (free week, unlimited month) should be the title of the Facebook ad. It should also be included somewhere in the image so it stands out. You can do this with an overlay.
  • Keep the CTA (call to action) simple, like “Sign Up,” “Learn More” or “Download.” 

3 - Target the Right Audience

The great thing about Facebook advertising is that you can cater to a specific niche. So if you’re a fitness studio that wants to reach men and women between the ages of 25 - 40 who live in San Francisco and make at least $35k a year… you can. But it’s important to make note of your “potential reach” here.

When you get too niche with your targeting, the potential reach of your ads can go down. It’s good to keep your reach at 40,000 as a minimum.

For local fitness studios, you’ll want to target an audience based on the specific service you offer. For example, our kickboxing client specifically catered to women. So their audience settings only reached out to females within a certain age of their target market. Then you can get even more specific by including interests that are niche to your certain workout style. A cycling studio, for instance, might include biking, cycling, spinning and so on as part of the Interests in their Facebook ad. From there you'd include salary and other demographics based on who your ideal customer is.

These are just 3 of the many strategies that you can use to generate new leads for your studio using Facebook advertising.

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