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Internal Rotation on the Bravo Functional Trainer

The Internal Rotation on the Bravo Functional Trainer is a great movement to integrate into your upper body workouts as a warm-up or cool-down exercise.

Internal Rotation on the Bravo Functional Trainer

The cable internal rotation focuses on muscles of the rotator cuff, but also the pecs and lats.

  1. Start with the cable about elbow height.
  2. Keeping your elbow at your side, grasp the handle and pull it toward a spot directly in front of you.
  3. Repeat the exercise for the opposite arm. 

Bravo Functional Trainer

The Bravo Functional Training system is a truly innovative approach to functional training. The system combines unique technologies and the best aspects of selectorized and cable-based strength training equipment to offer simple, safe operation, expanded functionality and better results. Because of its incredible versaility, it is a core machine in many of our workouts in the Cybex Workout Center.