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Interval Training Key 4 - Gear Up For Every Body - One Machine For All hero

Interval Training Key #4: Gear Up For Every Body - One Machine For All

You could easily spend a fortune filling your fitness center with interval training equipment. Thankfully for your bottom line, you don’t have to. Meet SPARC. It’s the next step in the evolution of interval training.

SPARC is the Strength Power Accelerated Resistance Cardio Machine from Cybex. This is the next generation of exercise equipment and the next step in the evolution of interval training. It takes everything we’ve learned over 46 years of business and is specifically designed with interval training in mind. Its non-impact design makes it ideal for use in group fitness classes, stand-alone interval training, and/or as a part of a larger circuit training program.

The revolutionary SPARC dynamically adjusts to the user to accommodate their desired intensity and effort levels. Ramping up the intensity of the workout is simple and can be done right away with no extra adjustment required. If you wish to work harder simply speed up, SPARC responds to your increased intensity and adjusts automatically.

All by itself, this one machine can help exercisers of all types achieve six of their most important goals:

  • Burning fat
  • Building muscle
  • Increasing metabolism
  • Gaining power
  • Improving endurance
  • Strengthening and shaping the lower body

SPARC allows all members to jump into interval training right away. Whether they are beginners, intermediates, or advanced they can integrate SPARC into their routine. Check out a simple interval training routine for the SPARC you can use right away from our blog contributor Kasey Arena.

Five ways SPARC helps give interval training universal appeal.

  1. SPARC’s fan-based resistance lets every kind of exerciser find his or her own comfort zone.
  2. SPARC’s patented arc motion is biomechanically validated to be gentle on the knee. Result: your members’ perceived exertion is minimized.
  3. With SPARC’s intuitive settings and “touch and train” console, exercisers can simply get on and go.
  4. SPARC’s short-burst workouts offer maximal results in minimal time — which makes it ideal for your members who are short on time but long on expectations.
  5. It fits practically anywhere. So you can use it as you see fit to amp up all kinds of sessions, throughout your facility.

SPARC can quickly become a cornerstone of any facility or training program. With this all-in-one machine as the base, you can build your offering quickly with interval training in mind. All without breaking the bank because all it takes is this one machine.

Interval training is all about working smarter. Now make it work for you.

Learn how to bring the benefits of interval training to all your members — and to your bottom line. Find out all about SPARC and how you can see it in action.

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