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Just Tell Them the Price!

Here is a great lesson for any health club sales person. As soon as you tell someone the price ‘Shut Up!’

The first person to speak after the price has been given is the person who will buy! And you don’t need to buy a membership or personal training of yourself.

This silence will feel like hours but in reality is just a few seconds. It will be VERY tempting to say something, just say nothing.

Some people will grunt and groan and you simply nod your head and agree. Other people will verbalise their thinking. Again just nod and agree. Either way these people are thinking and they don’t want you to interrupt them, so don’t.

If you do interrupt them, you will face the challenge of having to re-enter the sale process, to stop them saying ‘I need to think about it.’ Then you will have to give them a deal or discount or value add. So just keep quiet.

Just tell them the price and then keep quiet! Wait for them to make a comment.