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Lose Weight, Sell More: One Man's View

Recently, Jeffrey Gitomer, author, speaker and salesman "superhero" began sharing his journey towards getting back to his college weight and why he was doing it. Gitomer wasn't putting a plan out there for his legion of followers to read, but instead is updating his audience on his progress, how he has achieved his success and how he intends to maintain it. 

I was thrilled to see that Gitomer was attributing part of his success to his Cybex Arc Trainer, with exercise being one of the three truths that he writes about. These truths, according to Gitomer, are what helped get his first 20 pounds off. Jeffrey said he works out 20 to 30 minutes 3-4 times a week on the Arc Trainer and feels fit and firm from it. 

Actions Speak Louder than Words

The motivation to finally do something about his weight after years of talking about it, but never actually "doing it," is something that I applaud for Gitomer and anyone who makes that decision and effort to improve their health. He talks about how as a nation we are somewhere between overweight and obese and "if we were invaded by enemies, we couldn't even run away," which I sadly agree with and hope that as a nation we make bigger strides to shed not only the weight, but this image of an obese country.

Set a Goal and Get Going

We all need a goal when starting a fitness program, diet, etc. I am a firm believer that a goal will keep me motivated. For Gitomer, the idea of dropping a few pounds, and in turn looking and feeling better, would improve his mindset and ultimately his "sales well-being" - tying his weight loss to his sales gain.

I found this to be an interesting theory, and immediately related it to something I've heard from one of my favorite athletes, Deion Sanders, that was very similar: "If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good."

With such a similar message, I wondered if this athlete mantra would carry over into the sales world and how Jeffrey's success would impact his business as well as his health. 

What's next for Gitomer?

At the 20 pound mark, Jeffrey is about halfway to his goal. He will be posting future articles about his mental and physical success, and I will be following along to see how it all comes together. Hearing his initial feelings about his new appearance and how it keeps him motivated are exciting, and the fact that he is doing it with the aid of Cybex equipment makes it that much better for me to hear about! 

I wish Jeffrey the best in his pursuit of the next 20 pounds, and hope that all of the success in the physical improvements he is making translates on the mental and business sides as well!

Post by BJ Corey