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Machine Monday: Get the Most Out of Your Strength Workouts With the Eagle NX App

The Cybex Eagle NX app is designed to familiarize exercisers and trainers with each of the 15 pieces of equipment in the Eagle NX Strength line. This app provides you with all of the information you need to begin using the Eagle NX strength equipment so you can complete workouts that we post on the blog.

Cybex Eagle NX App Features

  • Set-up guide to ensure exercisers are using the machine in the right way with good form
  • Diagram of muscles each strength machine targets during exercises
  • Videos demonstrating the standard movements for each machine to acquaint all levels of exercisers with the equipment
  • Advanced videos for fitness movements that can be performed on each machine, so that even more experienced exercisers can benefit from progressive training options
  • Fitness tips and links to cardio equipment resources (such as the Arc Trainer) to ensure exercisers are getting a full range of workout choices
  • Ability to scan QR codes to see the virtual placard for each machine

Where can I find the Eagle NX app?

The app is available for free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Click here to download it now.

How does this app help me?

Sometimes new equipment in the gym can be intimidating. Get familiar with the settings and movement of each piece of Eagle NX before you get on the machine or at home before you hit the gym. Here are some more reasons to use the Eagle NX app:

  • If you have Eagle NX equipment in your gym, it serves to clarify and explain new features that were previously unavailable on older versions
  • Regardless of the type of equipment available in your gym, the app demonstrates proper form and movement patterns on each type of machine, which are valuable no matter what
  • Ideas for how to push your workout to the next level with the advanced movement videos
  • Workout tips section with valuable guidelines for how to choose weights, sets and reps for any machine you are using

What is the Cybex Eagle NX?

Eagle NX is Cybex’s premium line of selectorized strength equipment that has been restyled, refined and reimagined to bring you the best strength training experience possible.

We hope you enjoy working out with our new app as your strength-training companion. If you have a minute, please write a review on iTunes and tell us what you think about it.

Learn More About the Eagle NX App