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We’ve been fiercely committed to real results and meaningful innovations based on scientific insight and the tireless pursuit of fitness perfection.

Member Retention Mistake #1: Operation Oversight

Can you identify the four peeves that make members leave? Are you unknowingly making these mistakes in your own fitness facility?

  • 84% are disgusted by dirty facilities
  • 80% bristle at broken equipment
  • 73% are peeved when there’s no parking
  • 69% loathe long lines for equipment

Ready for some remedies and specific steps to take towards improvement? Cybex analyzed all of the industry research available to understand why some facilities are successful and others struggle to retain their members. We want to help you be one of the success stories. Download the e-book, “The 10 Worst Mistakes Made by Gyms & Fitness Centers,” right now for free. 

NOTE: For list of research references, please download the full version of the e-book.

Download "The 10 Worst Mistakes Fitness Centers Make"
Do you know why your members are leaving? Learn how to avoid these common and costly mistakes. Get the strategies you need for success now. 

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Want to learn about fitness facility management? Find out why member retention is important and how to capture innovation to grow your business.