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Moves Like Jagger

Got the moves?

I would like to follow up on Robert’s inspiring Cybex Fitness Blog post of May 14, 2012 regarding the World Health Organization and its 2012 theme, “Good health adds life to years.”


After a lackluster week of wimpy workouts, I began leaning on the lame excuse, “oh well, I am not 24 anymore; my body just can’t handle as much exertion.” 

Then, the following Saturday, I watched Mick Jagger guest host on Saturday Night Live.  Performing the Rolling Stones’ classic “19th Nervous Breakdown” with the Foo Fighters, Jagger energetically sang, swiveled, and scrambled all over the stage.  Even at age 68(!) his still slender (skinny) body proved that he’s got the moves like Jagger.

Watching Jagger perform was my wake-up call to get back on the treadmill with a vengeance, and up my reps on the Lat Pulldown.  Of course I know intellectually that exercise is a lifetime commitment if one wants to attain and maintain good health in one’s golden years.  But sometimes that knowledge gets buried in a sea of busyness, business and boredom.  And as my teacher always told me, “Repetitio mater studiorum est.”  Reptition is the mother of learning.

Keeping workouts fresh and alive can be challenging.  Even on great equipment like the Arc Trainer, some days “I’m just not feeling it.”  Mantras, mentors, journaling, and yoga are some of my “tricks” to keep my workouts fresh and intense.

What are some of your inspirations to keep you coming back to the gym?

What gets you motivated to strive for higher reps, longer sessions or more intense exertion?   Besides a good music mix in your iPod, some of the following websites are worth checking out if you need more motivation:

Now get up off of that couch and start moving like Jagger; time waits for no one!

Holly Aglialoro
Guest Blogger and Fitness Enthusiast