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We’ve been fiercely committed to real results and meaningful innovations based on scientific insight and the tireless pursuit of fitness perfection.

NEW! Cybex Speed-Reads

We get it – time is money and paychecks rarely arrive by wading through endless fitness sites. Thankfully, our editorial staff loves digging for the digital “good-stuff” (ok, we’re obsessed).  And we’re more than happy to share what we find!  

Check out the topic specific Cybex Speed Read sections each week - and leave the wading and surfing to us. 

An out-there idea:  This year, trade your digital activities for real world counterparts, such as actual surfing (yep, on a real board) and wading (lazy river style).  By getting out-there and planning real-world activities, your motivation for daily workouts will increase.

You’re welcome, time-conscious fans of fitness!  We’re here for you!

Stay healthy & Go Strong,

Cybex Editoral Team