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Physical Fitness for Employees Means Fiscal Fitness for Your Company

Physical Fitness

Health problems can be a bane for your company as they impact your most precious resource – your employees. Obesity, depression, infections, diabetes, migraine etc can significantly affect the productivity of your employees and lead to financial losses. Also with healthcare costs rising at an alarming rate, it is important that employees in your organization/company are fit and healthy.

A comprehensive and effective solution for this is the ‘Corporate Wellness Programs’ geared towards improving and maintaining health of workers within a company. Corporate Wellness programs are centered on Workplace Fitness and are designed to provide high-quality workout options for the employees and workers.

Here are some reasons why Corporate Wellness Programs should be introduced to your organization or company:

  • Long hours of sedentary work and negligible amount of exercise are cited as the main causes for adult Obesity in the United States. Obesity-related treatment and healthcare costs accounted for more than 13 million dollars last year.
  • Mental Stress and Fatigue due to work pressure results in absenteeism and low productivity. This results in reduction in profits and costs more than $200 billion annually.
  • Erratic work schedules, improper eating habits and hectic lifestyle are the primary cause of heart problems, high blood pressure and other such life-threatening diseases. This results in greater spending on health care.
  • Preventable illness and general infections account for 70% of all illnesses and cost a significant amount to companies, as they pay for the healthcare costs and bear the losses incurred due to sick leaves taken by employees.

A decline in profits, low productivity, increasing costs of healthcare - these are a few reasons why comprehensive wellness programs make fiscal and common sense for offices, factories and multi-national organizations. The workplace is an ideal setting for introducing healthy lifestyle changes and promoting fitness.

What can Corporate Wellness Programs do?

As a part of the corporate wellness program, the offices will provide workout facilities, quality commercial fitness equipment and training to all the employees. In addition to inculcating healthy eating and lifestyle habits, such programs also reduce stress, promote feelings of happiness and well-being and increase employee job satisfaction.

Wellness programs truly offer a “win-win”; companies want employees to be satisfied and also to be productive and these programs help attain both goals.

Physical Fitness 2

The return-on-investment (ROI) for corporate wellness programs is quite high. With a reduction in absenteeism, medical costs, worker’s compensation, short-term disability costs etc, the profit margin for most companies has grown remarkably.  

Wellness Programs cover a broad range of healthcare schemes such as - nutritional advice, preventive care, free medical tests, exercise programs and many more such fitness-related measures. The success of the programs depend upon the match to the culture of the organization; one-on-one personal training may be successful in certain cultures but on-line options may appeal more to employees in other company cultures. Such programs also foster a dynamic work environment and a sense of loyalty amongst employees, as they appreciate the efforts the company is taking to ensure their health and well-being.

Here’s a quick look at the various advantages of a corporate wellness program:

  • Decreased Health Care Expenses
  • Increase in Employees’ Morale
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Increase in Employees’ Productivity
  • Increased sense of Loyalty towards the Company
  • Better Work Performance
  • Fewer Compensation Claims

Corporate Wellness Programs are  a key component to improving the health and fitness of your employees. These programs are designed to nurture healthy habits and vitality amongst workers, regardless of the work environment.

Businesses that adopt Corporate Wellness programs aren't just investing in the physical health, safety and mental wellness of their employees, but are also taking preventive measures by creating a healthier and more productive work environment.

Kathleen Agostinelli
Director, Human Resources
CYBEX International