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Short, Power Intervals on the Cybex Arc Trainer

I wanted to highlight one of the newer programs that we are doing on the Arc that seems to be growing in popularity. This program works more like Fartlek training but adds a emphasis of lower body power endurance along with the heart rate recovery emphasis.

When we first started playing around with different interval times and resistances we noticed a vast difference in abilities within even our most athletic populations. Some could tolerate higher loads, while others could tolerate much faster pace requirements. This workout will challenge your ability to maintain a strong and powerful stride with a set pace with a 1 to 1 work rest ratio.

For our more athletic population, we will start off with a Strides per Minute setting of 140, while our less athletic population will stick to the 120 pace. The incline should be set at a comfortable level (usually somewhere in the middle). The resistance for our more athletic crowd will start off at 35, while our less athletic population will start off at 25 and progress up from this setting. Okay, on to the workout.

30 seconds on 30 seconds off x 3
45 seconds on 45 seconds off x 2
60 seconds on 60 seconds off x 4
45 seconds on 45 seconds off x 2
30 seconds on 30 seconds off x 3

During the off period (rest interval) decrease your speed to less than 10 strides per minute (just keep the machine moving, but going as slow as possible). Assess your fatigue level and consider moving the resistance up by 5. At the start of the next interval you should have increased the resistance and still be able to maintain the pace of 120-140 strides per minute.

Continue to assess your fatigue level on each of the 14 intervals. The goal would be to reach 100 resistance (starting at 35 and increasing by 5 for each of the 14 intervals). Don’t get discouraged in the beginning, it will get difficult as you get into the 60 second on 60 second off portion, but after that your interval duration will begin to decrease making it easier to hold the pace as the resistance increases.

If at any time in the workout, you have trouble maintaining the pace, back the resistance down in increments of 5 until you are working at a level you can maintain for the required time. Even if you back it down on one of the longer intervals, don’t be afraid to try and push it back up on the next interval. Continue to challenge yourself each level. This is a great way to progress your power endurance-training program and challenge your workload.

Click to download MP3 file of this workout to download and bring to the gym! CYBEX Arc Trainer Power Intervals Podcast

Scott Moody
Founder and CEO
Soccer F.I.T. Academy