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SPARC Interval Workout

We are thrilled to reintroduce Kasey Arena as a contributor to the Cybex Blog. Kasey is a certified personal trainer, best-selling author and currently serves as an Under Armour Brand Ambassador, IDEA Fitness Inspired Advisor and FitFluential Ambassador. Kasey has a great passion and enthusiasm for fitness and fueling your body. She prides herself on teaching the importance of everyone finding their own balance in life.

Kasey's SPARC Interval Workout

Hi everyone, Kasey Arena here with another Cybex workout for you!

Today we're focusing on interval training, which helps maximize conditioning and muscular strength. You will be performing five rounds of the circuit utilizing dumbbells, kettlebells and the SPARC.

If you haven't used SPARC before - get ready for a body BLAST! It is truly a get on and GO piece of equipment where your body is the motor.

For this circuit, you will perform a weighted exercise and then move right on to the SPARC to go all out, each for 20 seconds. Make sure to use weights that are challenging but do not compromise your form as you fatigue. It may be a good idea to put out a few different sets of weights in case you decide to drop your weights toward the end of the training session.

If you give this 100% effort, then five rounds is all you need for an amazing workout. Your workout will be shorter, but your results will be greater! So warm up properly, grab some weights, jump on the SPARC and get after it!

Be true to you,
Kasey Arena

Let us know how your workout goes!
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